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It’s time to rethink ROI metrics in racial justice

Are you a member of a racial justice team at a white-led organization?

Do you constantly get asked by organizational leaders, “What have you accomplished so far? Your team has been meeting for 6 months, so what has that investment gotten us? Show me the numbers!”?

Dear White People (Who Want to Support BIPOC Colleagues at Work)

There is so much pain and suffering in our country right now, especially in BIPOC communities. It pervades all aspects of our daily lives, including work. For those of us fortunate to still be employed, we spend most of our waking hours doing our jobs. And, there is an unspoken and unrealistic expectation that we…

Who’s Setting Your DEI Pace?

I consider myself in pretty good shape. I work out a few times a week on the treadmill or in a power-stretching class (I can refuse to call it “yoga”). But the other day, I was helping a friend out at his winery and I learned how not in shape I am.