About You

Sapna speaking at a podium

You are a dynamic leader working to develop a more equitable and inclusive organizational culture.

You recognize this is a challenging though rewarding process and know that you can do it better, faster – with the right help. You have limited bandwidth and have seen equity initiatives fizzle out due to staff feeling overwhelmed and under-resourced. You know that asking for support is how you can demonstrate your commitment to creating sustainable, enduring change.

Commitments for Organizational Change

Check out the videos below to get a sense of how we work together to center diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice from the start. When I collaborate with your team, we will start by establishing these shared understandings and commitments.

Commitment #1

FACT: Unequal systems exist in our organization.

Your team and I will commit to understanding and examining how unequal systems manifest in our workplace. (From Got Green.)

Commitment #2

FACT: There is a power differential in the room, both hierarchical and social. 

Your team and I will commit to valuing lived experience as much as or more than hierarchical power during these conversations.

Commitment #3

FACT: Meetings are for setting strategy and moving forward, not just professional development.

Your team and I will commit to learning outside the meetings, then bringing that learning into the meetings to inform our strategy.

Commitment #4

FACT: The reactions of dominant folks learning about the experiences of nondominant folks in the workplace is not the focus of our efforts.

Your team and I will commit to centering the experiences of nondominant populations in the workplace.

Commitment #5

FACT: This work takes time and resources. 

Your team and I will commit to continually advocating with leaders for the appropriate and sustainable resourcing for this work, both direct and indirect expenses.

Your organization’s journey begins now. 

Building a functional and collaborative team starts the moment you say yes. Sapna Strategies is ready. Are you? 

Get ready to make a difference in your organization!