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My Consultation Style:

We are humans but we rarely work in places that encourage us to embrace our humanity. I want to change that. I develop teams where people can trust each other, hold compassion for themselves and others, communicate vulnerably and authentically, and work together to reform their organizational culture towards equity and inclusion.


I cultivate teams where people can tap into their own and other’s humanity to be vulnerable, extend grace, challenge each other, check ourselves, and support each other. All of this begins with compassion.

Collaboration through intersectionalities.

Humans are beautifully complex. Our many individual identities can overlap and be uniquely impacted by different systems of oppression. I facilitate spaces where individuals can appreciate the intricate complexity of their own intersectional identities, see each other more fully, and co-create real and effective solutions together.  


I cultivate a culture of co-liberation, one in which we not only trust each other but we advocate and take risks for each other because we understand that our fates are tied together. We do not do this work to “save” someone or to “help” them, as if they are “other.” We do this work to free all of us.

W.E. Deming once said, “A bad system will beat a good person every time.” So, let’s change the system.

Sapna Sopori | Founder & CEO, Sapna Strategies

I am a teacher, facilitator, consultant, and learner. I was born in Arizona as a first generation Indian-American, raised by a single-mother whose own challenges and opportunities in this country shaped my understanding of the intersection between race, gender, and immigrant-status.

I founded Sapna Strategies in 2019 after spending over 20 years in the social sector working with organizations to center racial justice in their programs. I believe that in order to make the changes we need in the world today, our workplaces must value empathy and compassion, embrace the vulnerability of learning, encourage us to take risks, and allow us to live with authenticity and courage. As a former graduate professor in Nonprofit Administration, I understand how unexamined systems uphold unjust norms in organizations, and this limits our ability to live into our best justice-intentions. And I know how to urgently and compassionately shift these workplace cultures towards impactful and equitable futures. 

In my personal time, I am a Senior Fellow with the Environmental Leadership Program and am an active member of many local and national BIPOC DEIJ groups. In 2017, I was also honored with the Kitsap YWCA’s Mission Award for Eliminating Racism and Empowering Women. 

I have been so fortunate to have all of these life experiences as a result of the generosity, courage, and support of those around me, and with every action I take, I strive to honor my community’s belief in me.

“I would highly recommend Sapna Strategies to any organization looking for a customized consultation experience to better integrate equity and social justice. Sapna continually advances our work with each session without rushing, sacrificing intentionality or detail. She facilitates meetings with grace, patience, liveliness and appropriate humor. We cannot thank her enough for her time, dedication and professional consultation

–Alyse Adams, Finance Assistant, Racial Equity Task Force Member | The Nature Conservancy WA

Your organization’s journey begins now. 

Building a functional and collaborative team starts the moment you say yes. Sapna Strategies is ready. Are you? 

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