I am a career educator, so my style is interactive, clear, and learner-centered. I can also customize experiences, so if you don’t see exactly what you want below, contact me!

My schedule is currently full with existing clients. I am taking new clients starting October 2022. If you have questions about my availability, please contact me at Sapna@SapnaStrategies.com.

the comprehensive approach: Strategic planning supported by workshops

For leadership teams that want to move faster and delve deeper, the greatest return on investment is to combine the Strategic Planning with the Workshop experiences. I will work with you to clarify your goals and develop an appropriate timeline for our work together. This is a personalized, invigorating approach customized to your needs.

strategic planning

By working directly with leadership teams, I facilitate the strategic planning process so that all participants can engage fully, knowing that equity and social justice will be centered every step of the way. From establishing group norms to visualizing systems, I will walk you through every step of the process to ensure you achieve your set goals. Strategic planning sessions can be booked for half-day, fully-day, or week-long (or more!) timelines. 

“As a white woman sitting on the board of a historically white-led environmental organization, I had and still have so much to learn about racial equity and environmental justice. Sapna has been pivotal in helping me build upon the formal RE/EJ training we as board members experienced several years ago. Understanding that change is difficult and that learning to grasp the realities and ramifications of white privilege can take time, Sapna recognizes and celebrates progress while spurring greater advancement. Her deep knowledge, experience, perspective and effective approach to tackling difficult topics all are incredibly valuable as we prioritize racial inequality in environmental advocacy.”

Deb Hagen-Lukens | Board Development Committee Chair, Washington Environmental Council (WEC)


Professional development experiences are most impactful when the content is tied directly to the participants’ daily life. To that end, my workshops are discussion-based and built around the needs of the participants. After each workshop, I also provide resources to support continued learning. Workshops are half-day in length and can be scheduled as single experiences or as a series (for a discount!). Don’t see what you need here? I can also customize experiences, so contact me and we’ll talk!

Administration and Leadership Workshops

Designed for administration professionals looking to center equity and justice in their policies, practices, and procedures.

  • Topics include but are not limited to…
    • Collaborative Visioning and Planning
    • Uprooting Implicit Bias in Feedback and Evaluation Processes
    • The Nonprofit Industrial Complex and You
    • Revamping the Job Descriptions to Diversify Pipelines
    • Shifting Your Board Towards Diversity/Equity/Inclusion
    • Asset-Based, Community-Centered Fundraising
    • Removing Saviorism from Marketing
    • Engaging Supervisor and Reports…Who Does What and Why?
    • Group Decision-Making to Leverage Diverse Thinking

Environmental Education Workshops

Designed specifically for environmental education teams who want to push their management practices and program outcomes towards environmental justice.

  • Topics include but are not limited to…
    • Envisioning (or Revisioning) Your Environmental Education Framework
    • Environmental Ethics and Environmental Education
    • Public Schools Relationships to Environmental Education
    • Multicultural Environmental Education
    • Developmentally Appropriate Environmental Education
    • Environmental Justice Education
    • Assessment and Evaluation in the Field

“I have participated in many community forums that Sapna organized and facilitated on expanding access to educational experiences for students. Sapna is an outstanding facilitator who is able to deliver results that make real change in an organization. Sapna always understands the bigger picture, which enables her to drive organizations forward. Her DEI knowledge is extensive, and has developed over many years of working with diverse communities, taking the time to do research on the topic, and her own experiences as a person of color. She has an amazing ability to gather ideas from diverse groups of people, and translate those ideas into tangible actions. Her sessions are always fun and interactive! I am always amazed at how well Sapna works and interacts across generations. When you’re in the room with Sapna, she makes sure everyone’s voice is heard and part of the solution. In working with Sapna, I have always felt like I was cared about and my ideas mattered, which allowed me to express I truly feel. 

As a colleague of Sapna’s through Environmental Professionals of Color (EPOC) Seattle, I have learned so much from her. Her ideas are creative. Her follow through is impeccable. And most important, Sapna has a genuinely good heart and wants to make the world a better place. Anybody who gets the privilege of working with Sapna is lucky. I would wholeheartedly recommend that any person or company that gets an opportunity to work with Sapna do so. She’s a busy person yet gives 110% to every project she takes on.”

Patricio Ku | Educator and Activist 

Don’t see what you need here? I can also customize experiences, so contact me at sapna@sapnastrategies.com and we’ll talk!