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Sapna Sopori


Many leaders begin their diversity and inclusion work with sincere intentions to diversify their organizations. They are motivated and excited to get the work started, but they soon become overwhelmed when faced with the reality and bandwidth needed to carry out their vision. My job is to help leadership teams get strategic about diversity, set realistic goals and successfully achieve them. 

A just world is one in which all people have fair and equitable access to the necessary resources to survive and thrive. My personal mission is to use my expertise as a leader and community advocate to reform the greater systems towards this vision.

From critically examining policies for implicit bias to working with community members to develop the necessary procedures to amplify their voices, I understand and have demonstrable experience implementing the strategies needed to create just solutions.

“Sapna is a systems-thinker who is skilled in communicating with and engaging a range of people. I have worked with her as part of a group that wanted to develop a racial equity action plan. We were struggling at getting started. Sapna helped us step back, identify core goals, define actions, and then get it all organized into a plan that is now being implemented. She knows how to get people with differing degrees of knowledge and experience with equity issues to lean in and get excited about making change together.”

— Joan Crooks, CEO | Washington Environmental Council (WEC)

systems-thinking approach

We begin with goal-setting and developing strong rationale for desired change connected directly to mission. We then visualize the systems and components, and determine which components will yield the greatest impact. These components fall into 3 main categories:


The reflective practices and professional development to increase personal awareness of the issues at hand.


The shared and transparent group agreements and engagement strategies to create safe, brave, and empowered spaces for authentic dialogue and collaborative problem-solving.


Examination of the implicit and explicit policies, procedures, programs, and practices that create the structure within which individuals and groups work.

Finally, based on this assessment, we determine the necessary strategy/action steps for success by setting realistic but challenging milestones, leveraging assets, transparently addressing obstacles, embedding assessment/evaluation, and allocating the appropriate resources (direct and indirect) to achieve success.

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“As the point person working with Sapna from my organization, I have been incredibly impressed with her knowledge, facilitation, adaptability, and relatability in the Racial Equity trainings and team building process on which we have embarked. Sapna’s guidance and oversight for our team development and goal setting process has been crucial towards our success. The thorough research and planning time Sapna dedicates to each session makes every minute spent with her valuable. A few impactful, well-facilitated trainings with Sapna has set us on the course towards building out a racial equity statement and starting the process to meet our long term equity goals. I highly recommend Sapna Sopori as a DEI consultant that is able to adapt to each organization’s needs and help them efficiently set and achieve equity goals.”

Nikki Wolf | King Conservation District

“Sapna is a seasoned education professional who uses her skills in strategy, facilitation, and community engagement to push environmental education toward social justice and inclusion.”

Hamdi Abdulle | Executive Director, African Community Housing and Development (ACHD)

“Sapna is a thoughtful, strategic, and talented educator and facilitator with deep practical experience transforming professional processes, practices, and mindsets for justice and equity. Not only does she know the theory, she’s successfully centered justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in organizational practices and understands how to overcome the inevitable tensions and roadblocks that come with this work.”

Kristine Jimenez | Senior Director for Engagement and Communications, University of Washington Medicine Advancement




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