sapna sopori | founder & ceo, sapna strategies

I was born in Arizona as a first generation Indian-American, raised by a single-mother whose own challenges and opportunities in this country shaped my understanding of the intersection between race, gender, and immigrant-status.

I have spent 18 years working in the social sector. As a leader, educator, and activist, I work with organizations to decolonize their programs to ensure that the good work they hope to do in the world is not undermined by how they do it.

I also teach a graduate course on Nonprofit Leadership and Administration course, in which the next generation of nonprofit leaders are challenged to uncover and address the hidden biases within administrative systems, from hiring practices to board development to fundraising.

In my personal time, I am active with and learn from the Seattle chapter of the Environmental Professionals of Color. I am also a Senior Fellow with the Environmental Leadership Program and have facilitated their Fellows of Color Affinity Group. In 2017, I was honored with the Kitsap YWCA’s Mission Award for Eliminating Racism and Empowering Women.

I have been so fortunate to have all of these life experiences as a result of the generosity, courage, and support of those around me, and with every action I take, I strive honor my community’s belief in me.


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2015 – Present: Board Development Committee Member, Racial Justice Committee Member, and general member of the Washington Environmental Council and Washington Conservation Voters

2016 – 2017: Facilitator for Environmental Leadership Program Fellows of Color Network

2013 – 2019: Chairperson/Steering Committee and general member for IslandWood’s Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council to guide organizational social justice efforts

2012 – Present: Development Committee Member and general member of the Seattle Environmental Professionals of Color

2012: President of the Arizona Association for Environmental Education

2011: Member of Flagstaff Leadership Program Sustainability Committee

2006 – 2012: Member of Flagstaff Unified School District’s “Science Alliance”

2009 – 2012: Executive Committee Member of the Arizona Association for Environmental Education

2009 – 2012: Member of the Northern Arizona Sustainable Economic Development Initiative; member of Teacher Awards for Sustainability Council

2008 – 2012: Clerk for the Coconino Natural Resource Conservation District

2008: Co-Chair for the Volunteer Management Team of the Canon National Envirothon

professional presentations

2019: Panelist for iUrban Teen POC Professionals in the Environment

2018: Presenter at the North American Association for Environmental Education Conference on “Hiring Practices for Equity”

2018: Presenter at the Multicultural Environmental Education Conference on “Navigating Predominantly White Organizations as a Woman of Color”

2018: Speaker at the Washington Environmental Council Green Gala

2015: Presenter at the North American Association for Environmental Education Conference on “Becoming a Culturally Responsive Environmental Education Organization”

2015: Panelist for Northwestern Aquatics and Marine Educators’ Conference on “So, You Want Diversity?”

2014: Developer/Coordinator for Seattle Town Hall “Diversity in the Outdoors”

2013: Presenter at Seattle Office for the Superintendent of Public Instruction Service Learning Symposium on “Integrating Service Learning Into the Classroom”

2010 – 2011: Presenter and panelist for the North American Association for Environmental Conference on “Arizona Environmental Education Certification”

2010: Presenter for the Arizona Science Teachers Association Conference on “Interactive Environmental Education for the Classroom”

2009: Presenter for the Coconino Community College Sense of Place Conference on “Multicultural Environmental Education”

professional development

2019: Future for Us Assembly for Women of Color in Leadership

2017: Adverse Childhood Experiences training

2017: Recruiting and retaining a Diverse Workforce training

2016: Restorative Justice and Conflict Mediation

2015: Seattle’s Race Conference

2015: Race and Climate Justice workshop

2015: Intercultural Skills Indicator workshop and consultation

2014: International Race and Pedagogy Initiative

2013: Center for Diversity in the Environment Organizational Equity Training

2013: Courage and Renewal Young Leaders Conference

2013: Cornell University Civic Ecology Lab on Civic Ecology: Theory and Practice

2013: Residential Environmental Learning Center Conference

2012: Mental Health First Aid Training

2012: Cornell University Civic Ecology Lab on Measuring Environmental Education Outcomes

2009 – 2010: Flagstaff Leadership Program